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The Creeris Portfolio

Our current portfolio companies include:


Together In Hope is an important member of the Creeris family of companies, providing a mechanism for its owners to make a difference by giving to others. A non-profit 501 (c)(3) charity, it provides funding for qualified charitable foundations by connecting their fundraisers with socially conscious businesses that donate their profits to the foundation, enabling them to work "Together in Hope."

Creeris3, LLC

Texas Food Solutions is the first Toll Processor to open in Houston/Louisiana Area. TFS provides HPP and ancillary services, facilitated lab services for testing, product and packaging development assistance, cold storage, distribution, import/export services and ordering picking.

C3 Innovations

C3 Innovations have full access to all venture resources and expertise that was built up at Creeris over a decade of operation in the venture startup market.

MD Brush cleans your teeth and gums like no other toothbrush. The magic is in its precision grip, multi-tasking bristles and "Smart Mark" indicators, which together ensure you clean your mouth effectively every time you brush. After just a few days with MD Brush, you'll know what brushing properly feels like-and you'll never go back to an ordinary toothbrush again.

Creeris2, LLC

Perfect Fit Meals provides the right balance of food in proper portions to help you lose weight, have more energy, and maintain proper health. Our mission is to encourage proper nutrition habits by providing customers with the ability to receive a mix of our gourmet meals and snacks.

Connected Geophysical Solutions develops state-of-the-art seismic processing software used by companies in the oil and gas industry to reveal and optimize production of hydrocarbon bearing reservoirs hidden beneath the earth's surface. Our customers include oil companies and service companies involved in processing seismic surveys, interpreting seismic data, along with engineers modeling and drilling reservoirs.

Datafiniti is a search engine for data. Unlike a typical search engine, Datafiniti lets you query the entire web as if it were a database to easily access structured data.

Creeris, LP

Filebanc.com backs up computers online automatically at secure data centers, eliminating the need for tape backup and human intervention. It caters to medium sized business, schools, and governmental entities.

80legs lets you set up completely customized web crawlers and sells data collected from the web. With this service, you can customize which websites and how many pages to crawl, what data to extract, and even choose specific file types to analyze.

Plura Processing's goal is to make grid computing safe while building a powerful network of computers available to solve the largest and most difficult distributed computing problems in the world. We have numerous unique solutions in this area.

Night Owl Games develops online games that blend casual fun with deep gameplay. Their first game, Dungeon Overlord, is being published in-house by Night Owl Games and has been in the open-beta stage since January 2011. It will be officially released in late summer 2011.

Extractiv enables you to transform unstructured web content into structured semantic data. They combine a powerful web crawler with text extraction tools to provide a service that can crawl millions of web documents every hour. Extractiv can play a critical step in your company's ability to discover, aggregate, and utilize web content.

Creeris HPC specializes in system integration, cluster design, software development, and consultation related to the High-Performance Computing industry. Their staff is here to help build, install, implement, and test any solution to fit your exact needs while helping you choose the right tools needed to complete any task.

Quant R&D uses Plura to search for tradable algorithms in the stock market. They are able to discover unique trading opportunities using our massive computational infrastructure. Their ongoing goal is to find hidden relationships that are too complex for humans or simple computer systems to identify.

mAbGen LLC generates human monoclonal antibodies against known targets for therapeutic and diagnostic purposes. They hope to someday cure cancer and other infectious diseases.